Walk in the forest(Passeo del bosque) 2010

The project consists in the realization of a reception in the first floor of the new headquarters of the IED Barcelona. The form is inspired in nature, more specifically in the structure of the trees in the forest, creating a sculpture to be used as a piece of furniture.
It devides the space in different areas , not only concentrating on the need of infomation, but also generating a sort of lounge as meeting point for students,teachers and visitors.
It is made up of 8 modular pieces of several dimensions that resolve different functions like desk, lighting, storage, seats or exposition.
The structure has six sizes of modular pieces, 3 measures and total height of 3m.
The light is integrated in the piece on top of the structure and can be adapted to each situation, being able to rotate 270º.
It can be used in schools,hotels or companies,as it offers a sculptural reception with practical solutions.

Colaboration : Helen Bye, Marine Vola, Nathalie Schwer
Realization : Jungmo Kwon + IED

Now in progress

1:20 scale model
: 1:20 scale model

3d sight
: 3d sight




IED reception plan
: IED reception plan


1:20 model indicated functions
: 1:20 model indicated functions




exhibited in cccb
: exhibited in cccb

1:4 scale model
: 1:4 scale model


functional detail.
: functional detail.

final 3d interior
: final 3d interior


1:1 scale model
: 1:1 scale model